Firmware / Software

Hardware, Firmware and Software Skilled

We are a ‘one-stop-shop’ when it comes electronic design with multi-disciplined engineers who are skilled in hardware, firmware and software – all the things needed in developing successful computing led solutions to the challenges facing the modern world. Every solution that we design that requires a PCB, will always require an element of firmware development to operate the hardware. Our engineers work collaboratively to ensure that the optimal choices are made on both fronts to create the solution that best meets our customers requirements. When it comes to software – we have a tried and tested network model. If we can’t meet the specific software design requirement inhouse, we will partner with a selected software house who can, but will manage the process so that our client sees it as one seamless development team.

Firmware and Software Development

Our Firmware and Software Development Process

Our firmware and software development process mirrors our electronic design process with an emphasis on thorough scoping of the requirements in parallel with the electronic design aspects of the project – to make sure there is synergy between all these important stages of a development. Once scoping is complete we will either develop the software required in parallel or manage a specialist software house to develop against the signed off specification while we develop the hardware and firmware. In terms of firmware, we write this when we have developed the prototype PCB. Once we are happy with it, we then deploy and test it internally against the signed off specification, before we hand over to our clients to test the hardware, firmware and software together.



Embedded Firmware Development

DSL’s team of embedded hardware and software engineers make integrating non-standard functionality seamless, with the capability of writing embedded drivers to bridge the gap between hardware and an embedded operating system. Increasingly, what was traditionally termed ‘software’ is now so deeply embedded, particularly in ARM® microcontrollers, that it’s often termed ‘firmware’. DSL invest in the latest tools and training to ensure time efficient coding practises and run-time efficiency.


Embedded Operating Systems

An embedded operating system is an operating system for embedded computer systems. These operating systems are designed to be compact, efficient at resource usage and reliable, forsaking many functions that standard desktop operating systems provide, and which may not be used by the specialised applications they run. At DSL, our engineers are skilled at developing solutions that use the appropriate embedded operating system that meets the requirement of our customers solution. We specialise in Microsoft and in most cases this is the embedded operating system of choice.

Application Software Development

At DSL, we offer a fully turn-key solution. We will either complete your application software development in house or, where we don’t have the specialist skills, outsource to a hand-picked specialist software house who we then manage as if they were an extension of our team. By developing both hardware, firmware and software in parallel, we ensure that knowledge is shared, enabling us to rapidly respond to the bespoke solution requirements and needs of the project, creating greater synergies between functions that ultimately save time and money on the end project deliverable.