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Outsourcing Electronic Design Projects

Electronic design is a crucial part of many industries. Look at the world around you right now, and look at your work environment – there are bound to be electrical

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From the expert: choosing the right industrial PC

Knowing your 304 stainless steel from your 316L, and distinguishing IP66 from IP69K, can make choosing the right industrial PC a breeze. But if you’re unfamiliar with these ratings, don’t

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The superhero business partners shaping DSL’s growth

The 1st of July 2021 was a big milestone for us as it marked the 30th Anniversary of DSL. From humble beginnings in 1991, Derek Carpenter founded DSL to serve

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What is Involved in an Electronic Design Project?

Your business is unique, and that means that pre-designed products and services may not always fit your needs. The more exactly your needs are met, the better your business can

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working in the food industry

Stainless Steel Panel PCs for the Food Industry

DSL is delighted to introduce the ViTAM series of stainless steel panel PCs. These are especially beneficial in food industry environments, where exacting levels of hygiene are required. The ViTAM

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Mental Health First Aid: challenging stigma and promoting early intervention

Rory Dear, DSL’s Managing Director, is on a mission to encourage a culture where it is acceptable to talk about, and seek support for, poor mental health. In his latest

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Time to think

DSL’s Sales Manager, Tom Scott, on his admiration for the electronic product designers and embedded entrepreneurs helping to drive the economy forward. Since the first lockdown in March 2020, we’ve

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Panel PC for Food and Drink

IP69K for the Food and Drink Industry

What is IP69K? The IEC IP rating stands for International Protection rating or Ingress Protection rating. It specifies how effective sealing is against water, solid object and accidental dirt ingress,

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Has coronavirus led to increased efficiencies in the embedded sector?

Or given rise to greater concerns? Embedded systems are on the rise across a range of industries. Transformations in technology and improvements in microcontrollers have led to an increase in

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Top five mistakes to avoid when specifying electronic product design

DSL’s Managing Director, Rory Dear, shares five “not so obvious” aspects that directors, project managers and engineers should consider to avoid costly mistakes. 1. Over specifying performance “With panel PCs,

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electronic design board

Why choose DSL for your Electronic Design Project

You understand that outsourcing your electronic design project is the way to go, as you need a customised electronic product and circuit board design service that focuses on the particular

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What is a Panel PC?

A panel PC is a rugged, all-in-one touchscreen computer which is designed for an industrial environment. They are easy to install and can cope with a wide range of conditions

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