Why Outsource Electronic Design?

Why Outsource Electronic Design?

When off-the-shelf products are unable to meet your needs, bespoke electronic design can deliver the specific solution your business requires. This can sometimes be done in-house, but there are several good reasons why outsourcing electronic design is usually a better option.


1. Core Competency Focus

Allow your own engineers to focus on the company’s core competency, not experience a painful and expensive learning curve to understand an unfamiliar technology for what may be a one off requirement.


2. Reduced Cost

Individual tasks/projects can be outsourced at a far lower cost, with far less risk than temporarily hiring a contractor, permanently hiring a new employee, or training existing employees.


3. Increased Resource

When resource is tight, outsourced and internal resource can work in parallel, improving throughput and permitting cross fertilisation of competencies and expertise.


4. Increased Industry Knowledge

Utilising electronic design specialists from outside your own industry brings experience of new materials, best-practises and ground-breaking technologies.


5. Increased Motivation

As work is completed and invoiced at agreed milestones, there lies specific motivation to draw tasks to a successful conclusion in a timely manner.


6. …but I want someone working on site?

Interestingly this usually doesn’t provide the best service, as the maximum that can be attained is a single engineers skills and expertise, undertaking activities at our offices enables our engineers to leverage from the wealth of experience of our entire company, working in parallel to derive the most successful outcome and utilising our heavy investment in the latest tools.

Still not convinced that your should outsource your electronic design project? Why not get in touch today to discuss your requirements in more detail.