Our History

Our Company History

Datasound Laboratories Ltd (DSL) is a U.K. company located within the business technology park in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire. After designing our first embedded target platform in 1985 we formally became Datasound Laboratories Ltd (DSL) in August 1991.

Growing organically year on year, we have constantly been at the forefront of new technologies and are recognised as a leading specialist supplier of embedded/industrial computing solutions to the OEM market.

Contributing to our product range is a variety of products covering Panel PCs, Industrial PCs, Industrial Display Monitors and other off-the-shelf industry products. In satisfying the day to day demand for these products DSL distributes on behalf of established Taiwanese manufacturers such as ICOP Technology and Aplex Technology. Read more about our partners here.

Over sixty percent of DSL’s activity is the design (and on-going supply) of embedded solutions via performance optimised, cost-effective target platforms. These tend to encompass a wide range of x86 and ARM architecture, microcontroller and embedded systems.