RMA Procedure

Fixing a Fault Process – Our Return Material Authorisations (RMA) Procedure

Whilst unlikely, invariably from time to time a product will require support, potentially leading to investigation, repair and the need to return the product.
All you need to know is that should that happen, your product support request will be handled expediently and processed as efficiently as possible. We understand that any time a product spends as an RMA, is time it is not spending under development, or performing its job in the field.
Our obligation is to our customers and we understand that our reputation depends on it!

From start to finish, the RMA process is as follows:

  1. Having identified a suspected fault with your product, initially contact our expert Product Support team by calling 01462 675530 or by using the Contact Us page.
  2. Our Product Support team will need the serial number and model type and will talk you through common faults and resolutions, our goal is to resolve the fault remotely minimising cost and downtime – in most cases resolving your fault remotely at the first point of contact.
  3. Should this not resolve the issue; it will be elevated to our Engineering team, who will continue to attempt remote fault resolution.
  4. Should it then be determined the fault cannot be resolved remotely and;
    1. The unit is within warranty, an RMA number will be provided.
    2. The unit is outside of warranty, or within warranty period but clearly exhibiting a non-warranty failure, written confirmation of acceptance of repair charges will be required, then an RMA number will be provided by your dedicated Account Manager.
  5. Products returned without an authorised RMA number may well experience delays in processing.
  6. Warranty obligations
    1. DSL’s warranties covers defects arising under normal use only and do not include malfunctions or failures resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, alteration, problems with “external” electrical power, usage not in accordance with product instructions, acts of nature, or improper installation or unauthorised repairs. Modification to or tampering with any product shall immediately void the applicable warranty.
    2. Tampering, modification or removal of the serial number label will immediately void any warranty.
    3. Products found to be faulty following delivery (classed dead on arrival) must be reported within seven day following receipt.
  7. Complete the RMA form (one per product) in as much detail as possible, describing accurately the working environment, fault exhibited, the length of time this failure has been evident and any other relevant information that will enable us to expedite replicating your issue.
  8. When returning the authorised item, where possible, please use original packaging. If unavailable, use a suitable carton and packaging to protect the product. Board level products are to be returned using suitable static dissipative packaging. The RMA form should be affixed to the outside of the carton displaying the RMA number.
  9. DSL cannot accept liability for damage during transit and any damage found following delivery will be reported.
  10. Please then return the product to Datasound Laboratories Ltd, 4 Aylesford Court, Works Road, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, SG6 1LP, F.A.O RMA Department.
  11. Repairs obligation
    1. If at all possible, products returned under DSL warranty will be repaired and returned to you. If a repair is not possible, we will send out a replacement or issue a credit at DSL’s sole discretion.
    2. Due to potential non-availability of obsolete parts, DSL shall have no obligation to repair any product which is outside of its warranty period.
  12. Repair time-scales
    1. DSL’s initial investigation typically will take around 1-2 weeks, if the product is repairable in the UK the RMA period should not exceed that.
    2. In some instances product may require return to the OEM and should this be necessary, typical turnaround is 2-4 weeks.
    3. DSL will always endeavour to return your product to you as quickly as possible, regardless of the complexity and will expend every financial and human resource in ensuring this takes place.

Where possible DSL provides video evidence of fully functioning product, satisfying you that when it’s arrives back, it’s perfect.

Preventing RMA

Preventing RMAs is an interesting debate. Some would be far happier if remote support can derive a resolution to their support query thus avoiding the inconvenience of returning product, whilst others see their involvement being the inconvenience and that it’s the manufacturer’s obligation to resolve any support issue they have without utilising the customer’s own resource.

We understand both scenarios and by formally reviewing every product return and making training and material investments to avoid (if any future recurrence) the need to return product, we are helping to satisfy customers in both scenarios.