What is Electronic Product Design?

What is Electronic Product Design?

Electronic product design involves the design, development and production of the electronic hardware that allows your project to come to life. Whatever special features and capabilities your solution provides are made possible by the hardware that does the work beneath the surface.

It can often be the case that off-the-shelf products won’t do what you need them to and electronic product design enables the creation of bespoke and completely customised electronic products and circuit boards to realise these specific applications.

Electronic product design involves remits that range from the simple to the incredibly complex and everything in between. It can involve just basic control circuitry or it can require the management and delivery of complete multi-layer, multi-board projects from beginning to end, including fully assembled and tested production quantities.

Electronic Product Design Process

During the design process, DSL’s expert team of engineers will collaborate with a client to design and deliver completely custom solutions to solve their technical challenges and allow their projects to be realised with bespoke hardware that performs to the highest standards. Extensive experience and know how in the field of electronics is required in order to design and manufacture innovative electronic products that enable clients’ bespoke requirements to evolve into real life solutions.

Electronic product design involves defining the requirements and then creating a design proposal and project plan to lay out the costs, time scale and subsequent stages of the design and manufacturing process. DSL’s design process will also involve creating a design specification, schematic design and PCB design before building prototypes and undertaking environmental testing in order to ensure legal compliance with required certifications and the highest standards before delivery of the manufacturing pack and managing production.

From The Simple to The Complex

While the electronic product design process can be as simple as just designing the hardware solution for a client’s requirement and stepping back, having a designer that can also manufacture can be immensely valuable. Whether it is high value but low quantities or tens to hundreds of thousands annually, some clients will require an electronic product design company to manage multiple stage testing, assembly and seamless obsolescence management, ensuring any issues are resolved on their behalf.

It can also sometimes involve the installation of operating systems and software as well as final product assembly for the client’s customers. Read about the firmware and software stages in the development process here.