Experience Across Market Sectors

DSL have been helping clients to source, create and deploy industrial and embedded computing solutions across a wide range of industries for over 20 years. Our in-house engineers and technical sales team have in-depth, direct experience of both designing solutions for a diverse spectrum of specialist applications and advising on appropriate products to meet the varied demands of industries from food and beverage, marine and defence to power and utilities.

Food & Beverage

Our robust and reliable industrial computing solutions are widely deployed and ideal for the rigorous environmental challenges in the food and beverage industry.

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Power & Utilities

We provide a range of solutions covering support for embedded and programmable automation and control, switching and distribution and monitoring applications.

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Rail & Transport

We work with rail, commercial and public transport sectors to design and develop technology systems to address reliability, environmental efficiency and safety challenges.

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Military & Defence

We provide commercial off the shelf and design solutions to meet the specific demands and rugged performance reliability required in the military and defence environments.

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Marine & Navy

Our computing system designs are helping marine and naval sector providers to meet the rapid and significant change in technology being utilised and installed in modern vessels.

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Automation & Control

We provide tried and tested embedded solutions for OEMs and system integrators to develop applications for the demanding environments of automation and control.

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Security & Access Control

We design, develop and build high performance solutions to fulfil the needs of security and access control system manufacturers and ensure high levels of protection.

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We provide a range of products and services which help hardware OEMs deliver high performing networking, communications and broadcast systems across the globe.

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Medical & Healthcare

We can meet the specific demands of medical, clinical and healthcare sectors, providing professional embedded systems expertise for the most dynamic and advanced technologies.

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Examples of what we do for our customers

Leader in Food Production


We supply stainless steel enclosed, touchscreen Panel PCs with high performance in a wide range of Intel CPU’s that are hard wearing and corrosion proof.

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