Customisation on our Entire Product Range

We offer flexible customisation options across our entire product range to offer the benefits of bespoke design, without the prohibitive design costs.


Board Level Customisation

We offer the benefit of custom PCB design without the associated cost with our board level (Single Board Computer) customisation and manufacturing service – working closely with our long-time Taiwanese partner, ICOP and their famed ODM service.Our Single Board Computers are customisable from simple cost-down modifications to remove superfluous functions to creating application specific board solutions with highly complex I/O configurations.The combination of DSL and ICOP enables this full breadth of application specific modifications to be undertaken in minimal time/cost and manufactured using ICOP’s own production facility – benefiting from far eastern manufacturing costs.


Off-the-shelf Product Customisation: Visually & Functionally

Working closely with our long-time Taiwanese partner, Aplex Technology and their proven ODM service, Off-the-shelf systems can be visually and functionally customised to suit your every whim, with a range of bezel materials including stainless steel, aluminium and plastic. We can apply any pantone colour and include a company logo, without any minimum order quantity. Our range not only includes internal expansion ports with a host of existing modules to provide additional I/O, networking and wireless communications off-the-shelf, those same expansion ports are used by DSL to satisfy a multitude of customer and industry specific I/O requirements. Some examples of functionality we’ve integrated: Fingerprint readers, webcams, PIR sensors, 3G/4G modems, IRIS scanners, amplifiers, isolated I/O, CANbus and PoE. Read our whitepaper on Panel PC Customisation.


BIOS Customisation

Across our entire product range, DSL is able to modify and customise existing BIOS configurations to exactly fit our client’s requirements. In days past, when the CMOS backup battery eventually demised, any production modifications made would be lost and the client left with an inoperable system until they could replace the CMOS battery – often in a remote and/or inaccessible location. Additionally, any modifications required to the ‘out of the box’ BIOS added significant production time per unit, of course a cost that must be recovered. Our BIOS customisation service provides exactly the configuration you need as default, not only saving that production cost, but when the inevitable time arrives that the CMOS battery needs replacing, the system remains fully operable – as the default settings are your own settings.