Electronic Design

Electronic Design Services

Electronic design is necessary where off-the-shelf products simply cannot meet your needs. On these occasions we can offer a fast and reliable bespoke electronic product and circuit board design service focused on delivering application specific and cost optimised solutions. This can range from simple control circuitry, to managing and delivering multi-layer, multi-board electronic design projects. From inception, design, prototyping and to delivering fully assembled and tested production quantities. Working together with DSL allows you to focus on what you do well whilst we take care of what we do well, which is designing through collaboration.

What is electronic product design? Why outsource electronic design?

Electronic design process diagram

Our Electronic Design Process

At DSL we have an electronic design process that we know leads to successful delivery of projects and outcomes for our clients. We know that our clients often have very demanding and challenging project objectives to meet relating to quality, cost and time and we have developed a tried and tested design and delivery process to make sure we meet these goals in as smooth and predictable a way as possible.


Design Experience

Our Design Experience

The DSL Engineering Team has a wealth of experience in all areas of embedded, industrial and electronic design, which includes specific capabilities in Design For eXcellence (DFX), Design for Manufacture (DFM), Design for Test (DFT) and Design for Assembly (DFA). Our strengths lie in our years of multi-vertical market designs and in our ability to embrace new technologies without a steep learning curve.

Areas of Design Expertise Meet our Team

Design Experience
Electronic Board Design

Electronic Board Design

We have a vast pre-prepared component library that makes our PCB Design efficient and cost effective. We invest in the very latest tools, such as the Altium suite, and all design work is undertaken by highly qualified engineers (including DFM & DFT), who understand designing for often extreme environments, to make sure the subsequent manufacture of the solution is optimum.

Electronic Prototype Design

Electronic Prototype Design

As part of our design process we always create prototypes once the board design and layouts have been approved, before moving into the product manufacture stage. These prototypes are evaluated using our onsite environmental testing facilities, such as thermal cameras to identify and potential hotspots. We offer rapid build services, particularly for project working on short turn-around times.

Environmental Testing

Environmental Testing

We have invested heavily in our own environmental testing facilities which now includes EMC emissions, vibration, temperature and humidity. For example, we have an Environmental Temperature Chamber and thermal imaging guns, so that we can run multiple temperature scenarios, even including sine wave continuous testing between low/high extremes. Environmental testing is a key part of our process and we offer our customers free use of these facilities too.



We can manage the entire manufacturing process from managing and updating software versions, ensuring high assembly quality, system testing and managing component obsolescence. Often clients choose to use us so that they don’t need to invest the time or resource in this process themselves and can focus their efforts on their valuable core competencies.

Certification Approval


Certification and approvals can be one of the biggest headaches within the design process. When DSL our involved, however, we can take that stress away and often undertake these approvals without any involvement from our clients. We manage the certification process – whether it’s product specific (i.e. CE, EMI) or managing client’s universal approval requirement (i.e. UL), so that our clients can focus on that they do best and let us do the hard work.

Designing Out Obsolescence

Designing out Obsolescence

Whilst we’d all love to specify designs from a wish-list, the reality is re-designs are often driven from an urgent need to replace an obsolete PCB, invariably within an approved/certified product where everything outside that re-design must remain static. We have spent over 20 years designing drop-in replacements and managing obsolescence effectively to ensure our clients products operate effectively for years to come.

Development Kits

Development Kits

Building a proof-of-concept (POC) is an important part of the design process. Without hard evidence that a product can be mad and is useful in the real-world scenario, companies risk time and money on manufacturing a product which provides no real value to the user. At DSL we offer a range of development kit solutions that make evaluating and developing with sometimes tricky embedded hardware much easier.



We offer flexible customisation options across our entire product range to offer the benefits of bespoke design, without the prohibitive design costs. All our Single Board Computers (SBCs) and peripheral modules can be customised by adding new or removing superfluous functionality. PCB shape and size can all be modified and our range of panel PCs, Industrial PCs and Industrial Displays can be both functionally and visually customised. Also, we are able to modify and customise existing BIOS configurations to adapt products to exactly fit our client’s needs. Also, thanks to our partnership with Insyde Software we can also create specialised BIOs for all our bespoke hardware designs.

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Working across many Industry Sectors


Brightwell Systems

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We developed an intelligent remote telemetry unit fitted with a range of both analogue and digital I/O interfaces to monitor sensor inputs on utilities sites.


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Taylor Hobson


Helping to design and develop The Form Talysurf Intra, an entry level surface and finish measurement system with high level accuracy and metrology integrity.


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Charnwood Dynamics

Medical & Healthcare

We helped resolve quality and reliability of its motion detection drive boxes within its pioneering movement analysis soltuions resulting in no returns from the field.


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