Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

The Food and Beverage sector requires robust, hard waring technology that can be incorporated easily into the production process often in challenging environments in terms of both temperature and hygiene. We provide a range of the latest industrial and panel pcs which are made to suit the anti-bacterial, corrosion, and vandal requirements of the stringent food production process.

Key issues for Food and Beverage sector

  • 304 or 316 grade anti-bacterial/anti-corrosion products that will last
  • Technology that can with stand being cleaned often and thoroughly
  • Solutions that can with stand tough treatment and not break – no one wants smashed glass near food!
  • Flush surfaces to avoid contamination
  • Performance to and compliance with regulations

The DSL Advantage

We stock wide range of the latest Panel PCs, Industrial PCs and Industrial Display Monitors from Aplex Technology and ICOP Technology that are ideally suited to the food and beverage production environment. What’s more we can customise and enhance these to suit specific requirements.

Our solutions include:
  • Made from 304 or 316 grade anti-bacterial/anti-corrosion stainless steel (304 is the minimum typically required, 316 is more when salt is involved – i.e. food, salt, brine or sea water)
  • IP69K – the highest level of waterproofing for cleaning
  • Vandal-proof touchscreens
  • Completely flush/ flat surfaces that avoid any bits of contaminant or food getting stuck in gaps
  • Touchscreen on/off button to allow proper cleaning without inadvertently pushing buttons on the display
  • Power over ethernet that allows you to run a system just from a network cable, reducing installation and maintenance effort and cost.
  • Food safety certification EN1672-2 on FABS- products.

Stainless Steel Panel PCs


These stainless steel IP66/IP69K rated Panel PCs powered by the 6th Gen Core i3-6100U (i5-6300U upgrade) enable

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These stainless steel IP69K rated Panel PCs powered by the quad core 1.83GHz Intel Atom N2930 enable high pressure

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These lightweight Stainless Steel front IP66 (Optional IP69K) Panel PCs employ the 6th/7th Gen Inetl® Skylake/Kabylake

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Working closely with our long-time Taiwanese partner, Aplex Technology and their proven ODM service, Off-the-shelf systems can be visually and functionally customised to suit any requirement, with a range of bezel materials including stainless steel, aluminium and plastic. We can apply any pantone colour and include a company logo, without any minimum order quantity.