Environmental Testing

Market-leading Environmental Testing Facilities

We have invested heavily in our onsite environmental testing facilities at our HQ in Letchworth Garden City. This not only expedites the testing and certification phase of any project we undertake, but also allows us to offer our equipment to our customers to use for their testing purposes, free of charge.


Environmental Temperature Chamber

Using the latest environmental chamber technology, DSL is able to run multiple temperature scenarios, between low/high extremes.We also let our customers take advantage of this extremely useful piece of equipment for their own testing/proving means free of charge – avoiding the need to invest substantial sums themselves for onsite facilities, or the costly hire of such equipment from a rental company.


Thermal Imaging Gun

DSL continue to invest the latest design tools to improve our capabilities as embedded/industrial designers. Our thermal imaging gun enables us to thoroughly analyse prototypes, producing heat maps that facilitate our guarantees of extended temperature operation and highlight specific areas that require specific (passive) cooling to stay within component specification. DSL also permit their customers.


Operating System imaging and pre-installation

To minimise production effort and repetition of software installation tasks, DSL offers a free facility whereby the client prepares a storage medium with the Operating System and configuration of their choice – this is then returned to DSL to produce a master copy, which can be pre-installed on every production unit received from DSL.


Electronic Recycling

DSL not only takes its obligations under the WEEE directive seriously, we go way beyond this – offering an electronics recycling scheme to our customers who don’t have a scheme in place themselves free of charge. This is just another service we provide to make life easier for our valued customers.