Design Health Check


Are your internal PCB designs suffering from issues with…


  • Poor manufacturing yield?
  • Poor reliability in the field?
  • Obsolescence / component availability?
  • Sensor reading accuracy or stability?
  • Performance or functions not working as they should?
  • EMC / interference?


Our Complimentary Design Health Check

If so, why not allow our in-house electronic design experts to review your design with our complimentary Design Health Check and simple three step process?

  1. You provide your design files and any other relevant documentation under NDA
  2. We undertake a summary complimentary investigation
  3. We provide you with a complimentary report with our recommendations, which will fall under one of three categories


Performing an electronic design check

We have identified the issue and the solution within the allotted time for our summary investigation and here is the solution.


We have confidence we can identify the issue and solution but it will exceed the allotted time and here is our proposal.


We do not have confidence we can identify the issue and solution (perhaps we do not possess the right equipment or skillset) and here is how we recommend you progress this to a solution.

If you have a niggling electronics issue you’d love to see resolved, contact us now.