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Free PCB Design Health Check

DSL’s free PCB Design Health Check Service has been designed to help companies with electronic products and solutions to uncover the cause of reliability, accuracy or yield issues in their Internal PCB Designs and provide recommendations on how to solve them. However, during the current global component crisis, we are also using our PCB Health Check Service to identify alternative component and design options to help our clients overcome crippling component availability or pricing issues. So if any of the following issues sound familiar please get in touch:

Get Your Free Design Health Check

Are your internal PCB designs suffering from issues with…

  • Availability of components in the current component crisis?
  • Poor manufacturing yield?
  • Poor reliability in the field?
  • Obsolescence of components?
  • Sensor reading accuracy or stability?
  • Performance or functions not working as they should?
  • EMC / interference?

DSL perspectives on the global component crisis

DSL’s Rory Dear and Tom Scott consider the lessons learnt from the UK fuel crisis and how these provide some answers to the component crisis

How does our Free PCB Design Health Check work?

Our free PCB Design Health Check service is carried out by our in-house electronic design experts, with decades of experience in solving challenging electronic design issues – from reliability issues to identifying alternative component options and design layout changes to overcome availability constraints and keep products and solutions up and running. We have adopted a simple three step process:

  1. You provide your design files and any other relevant documentation under NDA
  2. We undertake a summary complimentary investigation
  3. We provide you with a complimentary report with our recommendations, which will fall under one of three categories
Performing an electronic design check

We have identified the issue and the solution within the allotted time for our summary investigation and here is the solution.


We have confidence we can identify the issue and solution but it will exceed the allotted time and here is our proposal.


We do not have confidence we can identify the issue and solution (perhaps we do not possess the right equipment or skillset) and here is how we recommend you progress this to a solution.

If you have an electronics issue that is impacting your product or solution performance or even viability we’d love to see if our knowledge and experience can help you resolve it.

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