Design Health Check

Saving time, money (and frustration) with a free Design Health Check

Design Health Check underwayWhether you’re an engineer, IT manager or operator, when a PCB failure happens it’s critical that the problem is identified and resolved quickly.

There are usually obvious reasons for the failures and analysis tests can often pinpoint the defects.

But what happens when it’s not an outright failure? Where do you turn if there are inconsistencies in its operation, but you can’t spot the reoccurring defect? Unlike a burnt PCB for example, which can be seen, some issues can be harder to find and diagnose and cause constant problems.

Tom Scott, Sales Manager, shares a recent example of when the DSL engineering team stepped in to help a machinery company that called for advice.

Overcoming Design Challenges

When speed and accuracy are crucial to an organisation, slow, problematic electronic equipment has a much greater impact than just being a frustration to the user. The risks of losing time, clients, reputation and money are very real to the company.

Tom says: “We received a call from a business whose current electronic design wasn’t working as they’d hoped. They had problems with connections and random restarts which was not only inconvenient but was affecting their ability to monitor real-time performance and upload data.”

After an initial conversation with DSL Development Engineer Adam Thurgood, he was able to suggest some changes that would resolve the issues. But, Adam also saw that redesigning some elements could result in a much improved, more consistent product so offered a free Design Health Check.

“DSL’s complementary Design Health Check offers a simple three step process where our in-house electronic design experts review a design, identify the problem and present a solution, and all under NDA,” says Tom.

The Solution

After reviewing the schematics and design files, Adam found the PCB in question was technically working with no obvious defects.

“Which is the ideal outcome, right?” asks Tom. “But other elements of the design weren’t as efficient as they could be. Improving the functionality through a small redesign would fix the issue permanently, saving the company time and money in the long-term.”

A detailed report was developed including recommendations for the improved design which resulted in DSL’s experience team being appointed to be the client’s outsourced design and development team providing full-service capability from design through to certification and beyond.

The Results

Tom says: “As the project is currently ongoing and under NDA, we can’t yet share further details or results of this transformative project. But we hope to soon so watch this space!

“With our exceptionally high-level after-sales support and five-year warranty, the client will continue to be in safe hands even after this exciting redesign is complete.”

DSL can help deliver the specific solution your business requires, even in the midst of a global component shortage. For more information about DSL’s free Design Health Check for internal PCB designs suffering from issues, contact Tom on 01462 675530 or [email protected].