PCB Design Service

Printed Circuit Board Design

DSL has been designing PCBs since 1985. Therefore, we now have a vast prepared component library ensuring that our PCB design can be delivered efficiently and cost-effectively. Investing in the very latest tools and utilising the Altium suite, we can ensure optimum manufacturability thus yield from any PCB design we undertake.

DSL’s remit is typically taking a project from inception to completion, though where circumstances require it, we are able to offer individual elements of the process to aid our clients, acting as an extension of their own engineering team.

The PCB design stage is always critically important, optimising the design for complete functionality over often extreme temperature conditions. Laying out a PCB can be undertaken by many, but electing against an optimum design by uniquely qualified engineers can be a false economy in poor yield, which will remain for the life time of the product. At DSL, we will ensure you get it right first time.


Designed by Highly-qualified and Experienced Engineers

At DSL, all PCB design work is undertaken by engineers qualified in a number of important areas, including Design for Manufacturability (DFM) & Design for Testing (DFT), which denote designing rigidly for optimum Test and Manufacture.

Areas of Design Expertise