PCB Design Service

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design

PCB design involves the design, development and production of the electronic hardware that allows your project to come to life. Whatever special features and capabilities your solution provides are made possible by the hardware that does the work beneath the surface.

It can often be the case that off-the-shelf products won’t do what you need them to and electronic product design enables the creation of bespoke and completely customised electronic products and circuit boards to realise these specific applications.

PCB design involves remits that range from the simple to the incredibly complex and everything in between. It can involve just basic control circuitry or it can require the management and delivery of complete multi-layer, multi-board projects from beginning to end, including fully assembled and tested production quantities.


Why is PCB Design Necessary?

PCB design is necessary where off-the-shelf products simply cannot meet your needs. On these occasions we can offer a reliable bespoke electronic product and printed circuit board design service. Our focus is on delivering application specific and cost optimised solutions. It can be far more efficient than trying to make something fit where it really doesn’t.


What is Involved?

PCB Design ranges from simple control circuitry, to managing and delivering multi-layer, multi-board electronic design projects. We work through collaboration with our customers and so it all starts with gaining a thorough understanding of what is required. From here we can design the PCB that matches your exact requirements. From short basic projects through to the incredibly complicated we can assist every step of the way.


What Elements of PCB Design do you Manage?

From inception, design, prototyping and to delivering fully assembled and tested production quantities. We can be as involved as is needed  working on just one part of the project, or by taking on the whole thing. We have experience in working with all kinds of companies and industries and are well versed in all parts of the PCB design process. Simply talk us through your requirements and expectations and together we can come up with the plan that is right for you.


Why Work with DSL

Working together with DSL allows you to focus on what you do well whilst we take care of what we do well, which is designing through collaboration. We have the in-house technical expertise and project management skills as well as the latest in tooling and technology that ensures your PCB design project is efficient and effective. DSL have over 30 years of experience and teamed with our knowledge and approach we are confident that your experience with us will be a positive one.


Benefits of using our PCB Design Services

As work is completed and invoiced at agreed milestones, there lies specific motivation to draw tasks to a successful conclusion in a timely manner. You get a range of skills and expertise across our team as well as our experience in designing PCB’s over a wide range of circumstances. There isn’t much we haven’t come up against before! This means that you are left to focus on your day to day priorities in the knowledge that your PCB design requirement is in good hands.


Saving you Time and Money

Like many things in business, trying to undertake certain activities outside of your usual scope can be a bad idea. That’s why outsourcing your PCB Design to us can save you time and money. We can produce the desired result much more quickly and to an extremely high standard. At the same time as ensuring your are kept fully up to date with progress. To see examples of the work we have carried out, please take a look at our case studies section.