Experts in
Electronic and
PCB Design

Experts in Electronic
and PCB Design

We specialise in embedded and industrial product development,
across hardware, firmware, software, certification and production

Robust, Reliable Industrial
Computing Products

We offer a range of off-the-shelf panel and industrial PCs to suit
the most challenging of working environments

Fully Supported by a
Tech-savvy Team

We have years of industrial computing and electronic engineering
experience throughout our sales, support and engineering teams

5 Year Warranty on all
New Products

We have such confidence in our unparalleled product reliability
that we offer a 5 year warranty on all new products

Electronic Design and Industrial Computing Solutions

From bespoke electronic design services through to off-the-shelf embedded panel PCs, DSL are able to provide industrial computing solutions to suit your requirements, timescales and budget. Known in the industry for our robust and reliable products. Our UK based team provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise, providing you with high quality technical support and a 5 year warranty.


Firmware / Software

As part of our complete product design service, our expert software engineers provide a complete firmware or application software development service to integrate any required functionality seamlessly. By developing both hardware and software in parallel, sharing knowledge between our engineers throughout the process, we can rapidly respond to any electronic design requirements and deliver in short time-scales.


Electronic Design Solutions

We provide a fast and reliable bespoke electronic product design service for when an off-the-shelf solution simply cannot meet your needs. Our expert electronic design engineers take you from concept to reality – whether you require a simple circuit board design to managing and delivering entire multi-layer, multi-board projects, from inception, design, prototyping to delivering high volumes of fully assembled and tested products.


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