EBITS’ turbulence-free journey with DSL

Fuel-handler-dslUtilising cloud technology, EBITS’ robust electronic systems facilitate fuelling operations from tank through to billing, around the globe.EBITS and DSL have been working together since 2015. Like DSL, EBITS’ main focus is to provide customers with the best support and systems on the market, working with big-name clients such as BP, Shell and Q8.

Jeff Whitehill, EBITS Workshop Manager, says: “Our first meeting with Rory and the friendly DSL team gave me confidence that the project would be delivered expertly. We knew roughly what we wanted and their experienced engineers showed us similar modules they had worked on which gave us no doubt that we had found the right team.”


DSL were commissioned to design a productthat uses Bluetooth to aid with fuel dispensing tracking for aircraft – a crucial data interface between the vehicle and the office system.

Jeff says they needed a ‘one stop shop’ partner on this project: “One of the key reasons we chose DSL is that they could manage the whole process. We looked at other companies, but only DSL could design, build, test and certify the product – they can handle it all which makes our lives easier”.


DSL designed the AvR.VIhardware, specified the enclosure and wrote the firmware.

Designed specifically to future proof the integration of vehicle systems with data capture systems, the unique patent pending AvR.VI is the key hub of connectivity to the vehicle.The AvR.VI connects via Bluetooth to the system device running the AvR application.

Jeff and the EBITS team were thrilled with the product and the working relationship: “DSL are not only knowledgeable; they are also proactive and worked in sync with our own developers. DSL get things done and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Product detail

ebits-deviceTwo electronic meter heads can be connected (either RS232 or RS422 communications to the meter) along with a slip printer (if fixed-in-cab printing is utilised) and an MSR (optional). Four digital inputs and outputs are available for use. All digital inputs can be either positively or negatively switched, and the provision of a slide switch catering for the switching simplifies installation.Installation has been further simplified with all connections via easy maintenance screw terminals.

Jeff added: “As with any new product, there are always additional fixes and little tweaks. DSL’s after support was invaluable; they were amenable, quick to respond and capably resolved any issues.”

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