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IP69K for the Food and Drink Industry

Panel PC for Food and Drink

What is IP69K?

The IEC IP rating stands for International Protection rating or Ingress Protection rating. It specifies how effective sealing is against water, solid object and accidental dirt ingress, with the two digits after IP showing the solid/water protection scale. IP69K is the highest IP rating there is.

In addition to providing protection against dust, IP69K is also able to resist water jet spraying of the device. During sanitation the device can be sprayed at high pressures and temperatures of 100 bars at 80 degrees celsius at angles ranging from zero to 90 degrees. This makes products with an IP69K rating ideal for food and drink industry environments where sanitising of equipment is especially important.

The benefits of IP69K Panel PC’s

With IP69K, users are able to easily clean equipment to rigorous standards, as high pressure and high temperature water jets can be used together with chemical detergents. This ensures complete sanitation leaving no areas where bacteria can collect. Thorough cleaning can take place regularly and liquids and dirt will not be able to accumulate. This means that both staining and contamination will be avoided.

In the food and drink industry, where hygienic standards are highly regulated and rigorous, IP69K provides a clear advantage. It allows these uncompromising standards to be easily met without affecting productivity, giving your business a clear competitive advantage.

DSL is able to offer your company the benefit of IP69K waterproof and dustproof solutions. Find out more about our stainless steel IP69K rated panel PCs that enable high pressure steam jet cleaning for use in environments with the most stringent hygiene requirements. We’re happy to discuss your requirements and advise accordingly, so please get in touch.