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An engineering company vs "Box shifting"

design2We asked our customers why they consistently choose DSL, what was said most?
“…because you’re an engineering company, not box shifters”
This terminology may not be familiar to all, so let me explain what it means.
>A Box Shifter, by definition, moves boxes.
They sell commodities, with knowledge of that commodity gained  from documentation. They match requirements to products by specification review, effectively a Sales office for a far away distributor.
They act purely as middlemen for support queries and product issues between their customer and the manufacturer.
Any product returns aren’t opened, just forwarded back to the manufacturer for inefficient resolution – whilst the customer is left hanging.
> An Engineering company, by definition, engineers.
Any product they distribute is secondary to their engineering heart that provides design level support and expertise to all of their customers.
They propose optimum solutions based on decades of hands-on experience. They hand-hold their customers through their development cycle, intrinsically knowing their products and supporting them immediately and locally.
They investigate and invariably resolve any suspected or real product issues at their own premises, or even visit to support on site.
Which kind of company do you want to trust your reputation with?