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DSL resolves XPe longevity ambiguity.


The root cause of the current XPe/WES2009 ambiguity resides some years back, when Microsoft introduced a new naming convention and XP Embedded/XPe became ‘Windows Embedded Standard 2009’ (WES2009)
Technically, both terms remained current. XP Embedded (XPe) thereafter refers to Service Pack 1 & 2 (SP1 & SP2) of the Operating System, Windows Embedded Standard 2009 (WES2009) referring explicitly to Service Pack 3 (SP3).
However, most users and developers continued to refer to any service pack level, including WES2009 (SP3) as XP Embedded or XPe. Thus what’s detailed in the Microsoft Embedded product life cycle for XP Embedded has panicked and confused many.
So – to summarise.
XP Embedded installations utilising SP 1 or 2 (true XP Embedded) are not legally licensable beyond January 30th 2017.
WES2009 (XP Embedded SP3) installations are not legally licensable beyond January 8th 2024.
Those who find they are using SP1 or SP2 based installations, can easily upgrade to the latest version and enjoy a huge extension in the lifetime of their product. If this is unfamiliar territory, DSL’s in house embedded operating system experts will be delighted to assist with that migration.
Likewise, if you still have any queries or concerns relating to longevity, availability or compatibility, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.