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DSL customer among the winners of The Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2020


Queen Award Article

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are among the most prestigious business awards in the UK.

So, we couldn’t have been prouder when we heard that one of our long-standing customers had scooped this ultimate accolade.

EEC Performance Systems will be one of a handful of UK companies officially receiving the award later this year at a reception at Buckingham Palace.

The team won the award for its market-leading f-POD fuelling equipment renowned in motorsport for its safety, accuracy, reliability and ease of use.

Through consultation with experienced motorsport engineers, working closely with software and electronics experts, including DSL, the development of the f-POD intelligent race fuel bowser has continually evolved.

Tom Scott, DSL Account Manager, said: “When our customers and their products are recognised for their innovation, we share in, and celebrate, their success.

“In winning this coveted award, the team at EEC have earned the national recognition they deserve and we’re proud to play our part in the high-quality products they produce.”

With unique selling points such as Automatic Track Compensation, intelligent software monitoring of the fuel hose level and being CE compliant, the f-POD has deservedly gained its enviable reputation as a superior quality product.

For ultimate durability, EEC chose DSL’s ARCHMI-807, a 7-inch panel-mounted PC with dual functionality as both a controller and display. With a resistive touchscreen (essential when the operator is wearing thick gloves), pre-installed software and a five-year warranty, this lightweight aluminium, front IP66 panel PC provides the ideal functionality for the f-POD and peace of mind for the user.

EEC acknowledge the excellent working relationships and trust established with its suppliers: “Without the expertise and support from our partners, we would not have achieved this level of success,” said Julie Hodder from EEC.

“The award is such a high accolade, for both our organisation and the products we manufacture. It is a royal seal of approval that we have met the highest standards and is instantly recognised worldwide.”

“Going forward, we will continue to develop and introduce innovative and exciting new products. The Queen’s Award and Royal Emblem will support us with marketing activities and to increase growth both nationally and internationally.”

Visit EEC’s website to find out more: www.eec-ltd.com

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