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Why Outsource Electronic Design?


When off-the-shelf products are unable to meet your needs, bespoke electronic design can deliver the specific solution your business requires. This can sometimes be done in-house, but there are several good reasons why outsourcing electronic design is usually a better option.

Electronic Design Expertise

Although no one knows your business better than you do, outsourcing allows you to collaborate with experts in electronic product design to get the best possible solution. This way your engineers can focus on the business’s own core competency and communicate the requirements for a suitable solution instead of trying to master new technology to design the right product themselves.

Outsourcing also gives you access to specialists who not only have the experience and expertise in electronic product design that your own engineers might lack but who also know the industry. Being familiar with the latest innovations and best practices means that they will have a better understanding of the various options available to deliver what you need, so you know you will be getting exactly the right solution.

Reduced cost and time to market

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While some companies believe that using their own internal resources will save them money, outsourcing electronic product design will usually prove more cost effective. A dedicated electronic design company will have developed efficient workflows as well as already have access to tools that make the process much quicker and easier. By outsourcing, your company can have access to these resources without having to invest in them itself for what is probably a one off requirement.

As a result, there will be no learning curve, productivity will likely be much higher from the outset and your company will have the solution it needs much sooner. It also means your own engineers will continue to be available for business as usual in the meantime, avoiding a loss of resources and lost sales as a result.

Outsourcing your electronic design requirements also means that the company you outsource to takes on the responsibility and accountability for seeing the project through to its conclusion. Because they need to deliver your solution in order to receive payment, they will be much more motivated to get the job done as quickly as possible than if you were using internal resources. Their reputation as electronic product designers is also at stake so they will want to ensure that the solution is the best it can be.

Choosing the right electronic design company

It’s clear that outsourcing has many advantages over using your own internal resources when it comes to bespoke electronic product design, however you do need to choose the right company for the job. Find out more about how DSL can help you with your outsourced electronic product design.

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