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Why choose DSL for your Electronic Design Project

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You understand that outsourcing your electronic design project is the way to go, as you need a customised electronic product and circuit board design service that focuses on the particular solution you require. But who do you choose to provide this bespoke service? Here’s why choosing DSL for your electronic design project is the right decision.

Full Range of Services

Whether you just need a printed circuit board design service or your requirements are for completely bespoke system design and assembly from start to finish, DSL is able to provide you with as much or little as your project calls for.

From simple control circuitry to taking care of complete multi-layer, multi-board projects from beginning to end, including design, prototyping, assembly and testing, we can adjust our remit to suit you perfectly. Our overriding concern is the success of your project.

Ongoing Performance and Support

At DSL it is important to us that the service we provide continues to work for you over the long haul:

  • We safeguard against obsolescence by using industrial components in our designs that manufacturers plan to provide and support long term.
  • If a component is discontinued we assist you in planning ahead and implementing an alternative with the least amount of disruption.
  • Our designs are fixed once complete, so you don’t have to worry about little design changes or unforeseen BIOS modifications affecting the functionality of your system. You can be sure that the design will continue to deliver well into the future.
  • We provide a comprehensive BIOS customisation service to guarantee that what is delivered is the right fit for the application, both initially and going forward.
  • We offer lifetime technical support, aiming to be an extension of your own engineering teams from the beginning. So, whatever your query we will assist in providing a technical response to a support issue.

Electronic Design Expertise and Partnerships

electronic design boardDSL is constantly investing in the most up to date tools and software, as well as the most skilled engineers. Our objective is to provide you with outstanding electronic design services delivered in the most efficient timeframe. For urgent projects we aim to deliver a solution from concept and design through to delivery of working prototypes in just six weeks, without any compromise on quality of service.

Our design engineers are IPC qualified to ensure that you don’t end up discovering the consequences of poor design when the product is out in the field and it’s too late. We significantly reduce the risk of problems with introducing new products by ensuring the correct implementation of IPC design standards, proven component footprints and well established layout techniques.

While we do offer Far Eastern manufacturing for competitively priced large volumes, we also provide UK based design, support and manufacturing for those projects where high build quality, flexibility in delivery and local support is crucial.

We also have close relationships with important hardware and software vendors to ensure a direct path to the original manufacturer at component level. This guards against any unexpected problems arising due to communication breakdowns. Key partners include Microsoft Windows Embedded, AMD, XJTag and Insyde amongst others.

Get in touch with DSL now

If you need a fast and reliable bespoke electronic product and circuit board design service that delivers application specific and cost optimised solutions, then DSL is the right choice.

Working with us will allow you to concentrate on your area of expertise whilst we take care of what we are best at – electronic product design through collaboration. Get in touch with us now to discuss your unique requirements.