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Why is a Virtual SoM like a Christmas Pudding (not a bad Xmas joke, promise!)

Whether you’re designing a complex PCB or a Christmas cake there’s always risk involved if you’ve never done it before.
That’s why you start with a tried and tested recipe and that’s exactly what DSL has been doing for 25 years.
Our Virtual SoM is the recipe to get your product to market with as little risk as possible.
If you’re making a Christmas cake you might start with a recipe you’ve never tried before and hope for the best. However if you had a proven mincemeat recipe you could then adjust the look and (in this case) the type of pastry you’re using and there’s a much better chance you don’t ruin Christmas!
Our Virtual SoM is just that. The heart of your design ready for you to add/remove functionality, define the purpose and footprint while reducing risk and cost.