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Manufacturing Management with Panel PCs

Why computerise your production line?

AMP-8170 Front

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1. Accurate and indisputable task time records

– Time stamps determined by actual time, not relying on manual recording.

2. Instant reporting of faults, reducing downtime

– Enables any machinery servicing needs to be reported immediately to the Production Manager, or directly to the service contractor.

3. Remotely view entire production manufacturing status

– From the comfort of your office, view and control the entire manufacturing organisation.

4. Prioritisation of tasks, improving efficiency

– List manufacturing tasks in order of priority, or just show the next task, removing individual ‘cherry picking’.

5. Process analysis, monitoring efficiency improvement’s success

– Derive accurate analysis, even graphically, of processes and observe ramifications of efficiency improvements made instantly.

6. Employee analysis, monitoring effect of experience/training

– Analyse employee performance and efficiency at different tasks, easy derive ROI on training investments and observe effect of experience.

7. Improved human resource organisation

– Don’t guess, know the effect of adjusting human resource on your production efficiency.

8. No change of shift ‘handover’ time wastage

– Gone are the days of employees wasting production time on arrival catching up with the previous shift’s progress

9. Indisputable manufacturing process conformance verification

– Generate certificates of conformity instantly with indisputable proof of process adherence for quality purposes.

10. Reduced wastage through computerised recycling

– Organise wastage and recycling electronically, anticipating excess materials and automatically reassigning them to new jobs.

11. Or take this even further with true Computer Aided Manufacturing!

– Actively control local machinery via the same platform utilising the extensive I/O available.

Why an Industrial Panel PC, why not a desktop?


1. 24/7/365 reliability – no downtime

Panel PCs are designed to be ‘always on’ and are easily serviceable.

2. Designed for industrial environments, vibration and shock proof

– With factory environments in mind, Panel PCs are built to live in the very harshest of industrial manufacturing conditions, commercial PCs are not! Ask about our optical bonding options where the unit will be sited outside. 

3. Wide operational temperature range, even -20°c – 60°c

– Desktop PCs are built for air conditioned offices, Panel PCs support arctic to saharan temperature and humidity extremes.

4. IP rated to protect against dust and liquid ingress

– From splash proof to supporting 80°c pressure washing, Panel PCs provide scalable levels of ingress protection to suit your exact environment.

5. Effortless mounting options via VESA bracket or within any panel

– Mount on a flexible VESA arm where its location can’t be fixed, or embed into any panel where it must be. All-in-one, with no desktop PC to hide anywhere safe!

6. Touchscreen operation so no mouse/keyboard to locate

– Various touchscreen types enable selection based on your specific environment, whilst the mouse and keyboards fulfilled by the touchscreen negate the need for industrially unsuitable peripherals and remove opportunity for theft. 

7. Easy to clean, even to medical and food high standards

– Manufactured from hygienic and easily cleanable materials, Panel PCs are available in a range of finishes including plastic, steel, stainless steel and aluminium to support your specific installation locate.

8. No moving parts, fanless cooling even with the latest Core i7

Passive cooling dictates no fans to be clogged by factory dust, the key driver away from desktop PCs – DSL’s Panel PCs are able to passively cool even the latest Core i7 CPUs! Additionally, utilising an SSD provides no moving parts at all, offering silent operation and drastically increasing MTBF 

9. Extensive I/O, connect peripherals locally to control processes

– Desktop PCs rarely support what they consider legacy, but our industry considers critical I/O interfaces, such as RS-232/422/485 with many supporting even the most niche industrial protocols via internal I/O expansion capability. Additionally these peripheral ports are secure from tampering, a desktop with front mounted USB connectors would allow a potentially rogue USB pen to be connected 

Why use DSL’s Panel PCs?

PPC-090T front

1. Quality strictly controlled via ISO9001:2008 adherence

– DSL’s rigidly adhered to quality commitments deliver fully conforming product every time. With extensive functional and environmental testing throughout the build process.

2. Lifetime technical support, pre and post sales.

– We are not box shifters. DSL’s technical sales team and on site design engineers offer much more than other manufacturers, technically supporting you and your project from inception to completion – our support commitment never expires. 

3. Dedicated, industry expert, technical account manager

– At your first enquiry you’ll be assigned an industry qualified account manager, whose sole responsibility is providing the level of customer service and support that we put our name to.

4. Flexible delivery and stock holding for next day call off

– Cash flow and the process of deployment dictate that it’s often prudent not to deliver in a single batch. DSL offers flexible quantity delivery, offering you the saving of the total quantity whilst shipping you product as you need it. For customers that need fast unanticipated delivery, DSL can hold stock for next day call off.

5. Embedded and desktop operating system development

– DSL’s on site design engineers aren’t just hardware experts, they, alongside our first line technical sales team can support your own Operating System integration (for example setting up embedded write filters to protect against power outage), or take this off your hands entirely and provide a turnkey embedded solution.

6. Fully customisable products, to match your need

– DSL’s products aren’t fixed, we’ve satisfied customisations including I/O expansion, customised hard buttons, bezel material/colour, the list is almost endless – best of all with no NRE costs to pay. Gain competitive advantage and remove any internal modification effort by ordering exactly what you require!

7. Extensive, scalable range from 4.3″ to 21.5″ 1080P!

– Our range of Panel PCs is available in every conceivable size, performance level and I/O compliment. Scour our easy filterable Panel PC range, or just tell us what you need and let us do the work!

8. Design your software in house or via a DSL approved developer

– If you have the expertise in house, great – if not, utilise one of DSL’s approved software houses to create your perfect solution. Ask your DSL Account Manager for further details

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