What is a Panel PC? – IoT Design Support



A Panel PC is the combination of both an Industrial Display and Industrial PC, creating an all in one, fully integrated solution.


Panel PCs simplify installations removing the need for additional cabling, nor multiple mounting points for the various components, were they separate – with no mouse or keyboard to mount, nor back end computer to hide away. Industrial Panel PCs span a huge range of sizes, from as little as 3.5” through to the latest 50” offerings, making them very attractive to various different applications, from intelligent HMI (Human Machine Interface) to high end digital signage systems.

Panel PCs are available in 3 main build ‘types’, offering varying levels of Ingress Protection (IP rating), firstly, with no IP rating ‘out of the box’ at all, the open frame variety – designed for where a system integrator wishes to create their own branded front bezel.

Secondly, the majority of Panel PCs available are ‘Front IP65 rated‘ this dictates that if they are panel mounted, the entire front face of the unit is protected. Thirdly, for installations where panel mounting isn’t desirable and the unit needs to be mounted on a VESA arm, Fully IP65 (and even IP69K, for hot pressure washing!) units provide all round solid and liquid ingress protection, using special waterproof I/O connectors.


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