G-Series ‘Functional Building Block’

The AMD G-Series Functional Building Block design concept enables the benefits of a bespoke approach to embedded hardware, with all the advantage usually reserved for off the shelf alternatives.
This approach enables mere selection of the required I/O, advice on desired board mechanics and we’ll get to work – additionally hoovering up any proprietary IP that previously would require a separate PCB providing a truly single board solution.
Its real strength lies in its pin-for-pin scalability, with 5 options ranging from the low power 9W 1.0GHz dual-core, to the exceptional quad-core 2.0GHz behemoth – your fully bespoke product is suddenly scalable just by fitting a different CPU.
Our development platform, designed and manufactured at our cost to provide these possibilities, can also be used for parallel software development – reducing development time even further. Learn more about this radical, revolutionary new approach here.

> 5 year warranty as standard on all products


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