These lightweight Stainless Steel front IP66 (Optional IP69K) Panel PCs employ the 6th/7th Gen Inetl® Skylake/Kabylake CPU with vandal-proof 7H hardened glass for ultimate durability. Also featuring 9-36VDC input with HDMI output for dual display. Smart ‘UPS’ battery option protects against power outage for 30-90min.

> Also in high brightness (1000cd/m2)

Quick Spec

Display Size:

12.1″, 15″, 17″, 19″, 21.5″

CPU Performance:

Intel 6th/7th Gen i3/i5/i7

Mounting Type:

VESA, Panel

IP Rating:

Front IP66, Optional IP69K

Ambient Temperature:

-20°c/60°c, 0°c/50°c


Projected Capacitive


Aplex Technology

Power over Ethernet (PoE):

Yes (option)

For the full specification, see below:

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