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Outsourcing Electronic Design Projects

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Electronic design is a crucial part of many industries. Look at the world around you right now, and look at your work environment – there are bound to be electrical devices that are in use every single day. Sometimes, you take these for granted until you need to replace them or design new ones.

Consequently, you’ll need the help of electronic design experts to help with your upcoming projects. You might be inclined to think that having in-house electronic design experts is the way forward. This means you keep everything within your company and don’t need to rely on others throughout the project cycle. However, it’s rarely a good idea. Instead, it can be more beneficial to outsource electronic design projects to a company or provider off-site.

At DSL, we are one of the many companies that provide these services for businesses across multiple industries. But, why is outsourcing electronic design projects such a smart idea? What benefits can your business see?

Save Money

Overall, outsourcing project designs will help your business save a lot of money. You might argue that paying a company to deal with this is a needless expense, but there are serious financial advantages compared to the alternatives.

What are the alternatives?

  • Hire a permanent member of staff
  • Train an existing member of staff
  • Temporarily hire a contractor


In any of these instances, it will be cheaper and more cost-effective to outsource. This is because you only pay for the cost of the project, nothing else. At DSL, we provide quotes for our electronic design services and our clients will pay them. Once the project is over, that’s all you have to pay.

Contrastingly, hiring a permanent member of staff will require giving them an annual wage, which can be super costly. Furthermore, you have to also take into account the cost of hiring them, alongside any training costs plus the cost of employee benefits.

What if you train someone that already works for you? While not as costly as hiring someone new, you still have the training costs to consider. Also, you might have to give them a raise to compensate for their extra duties.

Lastly, temporarily hiring a contractor may seem cost-effective, but there’s a significant disadvantage. By outsourcing, you pay a set fee for an entire company or team to work on your project. With contractors, you usually pay a similar amount for just one person. Therefore, outsourcing is a better value for money as you’re paying for a greater level of expertise.

All in all, outsourcing can limit the cost of your project without compromising the quality of the finished result.

Save Time

As well as being cost-effective, outsourcing electronic design projects can be vastly more time-effective. There are a couple of reasons for this, one of which is that we have to work to a set schedule. When a company outsources to us, we agree on set milestones throughout the process. We must hit these milestones in order to get paid. If we don’t, our clients can hold out until we have reached the agreed-upon targets.

Essentially, we have more motivation to proceed with your project to the agreed timescale. When working in-house, you tend to run into snags and time concerns all the time. This is because your in-house team doesn’t really have any milestones to worry about. Sure, you may want them to get things done by a certain time, but they are going to be paid either way. Outsourcing means the outsourced company has more motivation to work harder and efficiently. Over the years, we’ve excelled at this, managing to complete electronic design projects on time and to the highest standards in the industry.

Put simply, if you want your design projects to be completed as fast as possible, outsourcing is the way forward.

Maintain peak productivity

Following on from the above, what do you think happens when you use an in-house team to handle the electronic design process? Realistically, you won’t hire someone to solely focus on this task. That would be a waste of money – instead, you’d hire engineers that can perform various tasks around your business. As such, you end up in a challenging situation where you rely on your engineers to design the new product, while also depending on them to carry on with their usual work routine.

The result is that your business sees a productivity dip. Your engineers are working too hard, meaning they aren’t able to do their regular tasks. So, they have a backlog of work to get through each day, which also adds to the project delays. Alternatively, you may call upon other members of staff to lighten their load while they work on this new design project. In turn, this can mean they have to spend time training and learning, wasting more time and causing another dip in productivity.

On the other hand, what happens if all of this is outsourced? It means that everyone in your company can focus on their core competencies. They don’t have to take on any extra work, letting them maintain peak productivity. Essentially, your business can carry on as normal without any disruptions while electronic design gets taken care of off-site.

Enjoy increased industry knowledge

It’s no secret that electronic design can be very complex. While you may have expert knowledge of your own industry, you might lack the expertise to understand the ins and outs of the electronic product design process. Especially if this is a one-off project that you’re completing; are you really going to understand the technologies involved if you’ve never done this before?

This is where outsourcing really comes into its own. When you pay a company to handle electronic design projects, you get a team of experts working for you. At DSL, our team has decades of industry experience, meaning we understand the industry inside and out. It lets us get to grips with the latest technologies and trends in electronic design. This benefits you as you are working with a team that can deliver the most updated designs with the best technology. As a result, the final product will be the best it can be.

In simple terms, outsourcing lets you work with experts in this field. You work with people who know what they’re doing and have been doing it for many years.

Better resources to pair with your vision


You have a vision for your product that you’re keen to bring to life. Unfortunately, your business lacks the resources to make it a reality. This is possibly because you don’t do a lot of electronic product design, so why would you have access to all the necessary resources? Or, you simply don’t have enough money to get what you need.

Interestingly, that’s something that can also be brought into the argument when talking about the affordability of outsourcing. When handling things in-house, you don’t just have to fund the cost of employees and training. No, you also need to pay for any equipment or technology to help you design the product.

Outsourcing opens a window into a world that’s full of resources. As mentioned in the previous benefit, you are hiring a team that’s full of experience and knowledge in this line of work. Therefore, working with a company like DSL means you get to enjoy all of our resources. We have access to things that you probably don’t have access to, allowing us to bring your vision to life.

The benefit of outsourcing is that it lets companies find the tools, experience and resources needed for their projects. We can work with you to ensure that everything aligns with your goals and vision. By utilising our resources, you get better results every single time.

Achieve the best results

Speaking of which, outsourcing is the best way to get results that you are actually pleased with. This is because of the above; you have access to resources that you don’t have in-house. It enables us to create something that’s completely and utterly bespoke and made-to-order. We appreciate that businesses have different needs regarding electronic products. It depends on your industry and the work you do, which means off-the-shelf products simply don’t cut it.

Using a company like DSL will let you outsource the project to specialists that start from scratch. We can make something that’s completely customised and unique, made specifically for your business. As a consequence, you get amazing results that tick all the right boxes.

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Evidently, outsourcing is highly beneficial if you have electronic products that need to be designed. From small-scale to large-scale products, DSL can handle it all. We are vastly experienced in this sector, delivering electronic product design for companies across a plethora of industries. By working with us, you will enjoy all of the benefits listed above.

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