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Browse through our technical articles and whitepapers regarding industrial and embedded technology, written by Rory Dear, Sales manager at DSL

Browse through our technical articles and whitepapers regarding industrial and embedded technology, written by Rory Dear, Sales manager at DSL

XP Embedded: Alive and kicking, or dead and twitching?

With recent announcements that Windows will stop supporting XP Professional and Home versions, is obsolescence on the horizon for XPe?

Embedded Industry Statistics (2013 Market Study)

This is a review of the 2013 Embedded Market Survey undertaken by UBM Tech Electronics. The latest report throws up a whole host of interesting embedded computing system & industry statistics,

AMPIC – ARM multi-protocol interface converter

Having been the innovative market leader in the embedded and industrial industry for the last 2 decades, DSL has always had a precise idea of what the industry is missing – however rarely do we get to seal 3 gaps with the same plug! Remote Sensors – the gap Remote sensors to date generally fall into […]

Why use an SME for outsourcing electronic design

Entrusting an external company to undertake a cost and time critical electronic design project for the first time leaves many an Engineering Manager lying awake at night. Worryingly, through fear of failure many will decide to undertake a project that lies outside their internal team’s expertise in house through fear of relinquishing control – a […]

Fraudulent Commercial Obsolescence

A constant push to better our technology has been the driver for all of mankind’s achievements and should never be disbanded. However, in an industry that survives on reliability of technology, those pushing new technologies purely for commercial reasons represent a danger, especially when it involves scaremongering of proven, mature technologies. Ever since the success […]

Online Shopping – Suitable for niche industries?

Online Shopping for Embedded/Industrial products – what we’ve all been waiting for, or a dangerous path indeed? We’ve all grown to love the online shopping experience; no queues, parking charges, transporting (often heavy) goods home, easily comparing prices – the list goes on. However, do these retail shopping benefits translate into niche industries, especially ones […]

DOS isn’t dead

Like the resident psychopath in an 80’s horror franchise, DOS, despite many claims to the contrary over the years – simply refuses to die. Describing DOS as having “gone away” after the release of Windows 95, even the mighty Microsoft couldn’t have predicted how important its later raison d’être, far away from the glitz of […]

Raspberry PI – not all it seems?

Back in 2011, a new computing platform was announced that dazzled the nation. Astonishment at how a fully functional ‘PC’ could be miniaturised excited Joe Public (though DSL are always keen to point out it had a similar product in 1991!) even the more informed embedded community took a moment to admire the petite purported […]

SLC vs MLC – don’t get stung by the lure of low cost

Given a choice of two like products, consumers will invariably opt for the option with the lowest price. Put two Flash memory chips together and they will look identical – but one may cost three times as much. The answer lies beneath the surface; one chip integrates a Single-Level Cell (SLC) device, while the other […]

Making sense of IP Ratings – what do you need?

The IP rating found in electronic data sheets or specifications is designed to give reliable standards for determining the suitability of enclosures for conditions such as moisture, rain and dust. Technically, IP stands for Ingress Protection or sometimes considered as Internal Protection and the ratings are defined by the international standard EN 60529 (British BS […]

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