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Browse through our technical articles and whitepapers regarding industrial and embedded technology, written by Rory Dear, Sales manager at DSL

Browse through our technical articles and whitepapers regarding industrial and embedded technology, written by Rory Dear, Sales manager at DSL

Is PC/104 still relevant?

PC/104 is a veteran of embedded computing. Yet, with all the changes in the embedded space since its inception, does it still have a future? PC/104 has been around almost as long as I have, conceptualized within Ampro almost three decades ago back in 1987. In 1992, the now world-famous form factor was standardized and […]

Difficulties in calculating MTBF and reliability

Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) is an important metric for determining the lifetime of embedded system components, but it’s difficult to calculate with accurate results. These difficulties lead to unreliable figures, which has generated backlash against such calculations. One typically defines reliability as the probability that said device will perform functionally as required for a […]

Internet of Things security concerns

The latest buzzword for the naturally increasing connectivity of todays electronic devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), postulates an always on interconnected communication future. In the U.S. today there are more IoT devices than people, more than 100 million more, in fact! With so much focus on whats right about this approach, it would be foolish […]

Revolutionary “Functional Building Block” electronic design

As I touched upon in an earlier analysis, Flexible, even ‘free’ custom design, the increasing danger today is Project Managers preconceiving hardware routes. That danger is that the parameters those preconceptions were derived from, have often changed significantly since. We see this in many areas of life, cars perhaps being an obvious example – will […]

Flexible, even ‘free’ bespoke electronic design

Here I discuss how DSL’s electronic design NRE flexibility arrangements can permit zero upfront costs based on production quantity committal.

Electric vehicle vision

In the rapidly expanding electric vehicle rollout, the future of embedded computing in this space will depend on how these heavily integrated systems find commonality across potentially various operating systems. Few former skeptics of electric vehicles would now doubt the electric future of automobiles. The “greenness” of that electricity itself remains contentious, but the leap to more […]

Can AMD claw the embedded market back from Intel?

After years of AMD dominance, followed by a similar period of Intel’s, can AMD again claw back the embedded market, or is it lost forever? From the early 2000s the shrewd acquisition of the Geode GX1 meant AMD reigned supreme, later revisions increasing performance and PPW (power per watt) in the guises of the GX533 […]

(Optical) bonding with your panel PC

Here I discuss how system integrators often overlook environmental suitability criteria and assume IP65 is sufficient for usage in outside environments with heavily varying temperature and humidity conditions.

Uncovering CPU power consumption’s smoke and mirrors

As applications become increasingly mobile, power saving becomes less about conservation of fossil fuels and saving the environment, and more about the consequential battery life.

ISA isn’t dead

We all know the embedded computing industry is some years behind mainstream desktop computing. Longevity being such a critical factor, we take pride in demonstrating products where we’ve maintained availability, unchanged, for more than a decade.

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