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A better building block, Virtual SoM design

System-On-Module (SoM) design has had it’s day in the sun. The SoM route was once often a no brainer, where need for complex x86 (and x64) processors to provide scalability within product ranges, or a common platform across different product ranges, was the top level requirement. Designing in such high end x86/x64 CPUs without the SoM […]

Stainless Steel Panel PC’s

The revolution in smart manufacturing has been employed at varying rates across all manufacturing sectors,with the food processing industry leading the way. The ever increasing pressure to drive down the cost in the face of increasing material costs drives Production Manager’s thirst to increase productivity through improved efficiency. However a food environment is naturally not […]

Panel PC Customisation

The popularity of the Panel PC format continues unabated onto factory floors, revolutionising production management, increasing productivity through improved efficiency. Making manufacturing smarter by adopting touchscreen human-machine interfaces has been an obvious option for sometime, though increasingly even the most staunch pen-and-paper advocates are left with no choice if they want to stay competitive. Early in the […]

Production Mangement: Why not to use a CEMS directly

Why shouldn’t you go direct to Contract Electronic Manufacturing Service company? Perversely we’re always happy to hear this, as we love answering it! Don’t fall into the trap many do…

Industrial Panel PCs make manufacturing smarter

Following on from DSL’s “Manufacturing Management with Panel PCs” analysis, here I report how some production lines are still operating under paper based systems and how that now must change for competitive advantage.

Flash technology’s growing complexity

Selecting the right flash memory can be more confusing today than it ever has been – here we report on how today’s flash market has evolved and remove ambiguity.

Embedding the World Cup with goal-line technology

Embedded technology is removing contention in the World Cup and other sports, though not without causing some itself!

Embedding intelligence in medicine and sports

Embedded systems for medical and sports wearable (and ingestible) devices are adding intelligence to how we track our health and wellness.

Manufacturing Management with Panel PCs

DSL describes how migration to a Panel PC controlled production line cuts costs and improves efficiency.

ARM vs x86: Is x86 dead?

The emergence and media domination of ARM technology could be a nail in the coffin for x86, but each has its own place and may continue to be useful in the future. Though far away from the clever and polarizing subconscious marketing tactics of retail brands, a similar battle of “brandism” is paralleled in today’s […]

Is PC/104 still relevant?

PC/104 is a veteran of embedded computing. Yet, with all the changes in the embedded space since its inception, does it still have a future? PC/104 has been around almost as long as I have, conceptualized within Ampro almost three decades ago back in 1987. In 1992, the now world-famous form factor was standardized and […]

Difficulties in calculating MTBF and reliability

Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) is an important metric for determining the lifetime of embedded system components, but it’s difficult to calculate with accurate results. These difficulties lead to unreliable figures, which has generated backlash against such calculations. One typically defines reliability as the probability that said device will perform functionally as required for a […]

Internet of Things security concerns

The latest buzzword for the naturally increasing connectivity of todays electronic devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), postulates an always on interconnected communication future. In the U.S. today there are more IoT devices than people, more than 100 million more, in fact! With so much focus on whats right about this approach, it would be foolish […]

Revolutionary “Functional Building Block” electronic design

As I touched upon in an earlier analysis, Flexible, even ‘free’ custom design, the increasing danger today is Project Managers preconceiving hardware routes. That danger is that the parameters those preconceptions were derived from, have often changed significantly since. We see this in many areas of life, cars perhaps being an obvious example – will […]

Flexible, even ‘free’ bespoke electronic design

Here I discuss how DSL’s electronic design NRE flexibility arrangements can permit zero upfront costs based on production quantity committal.

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