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XP Embedded: Alive and kicking, or dead and twitching?

I have a longstanding frustration with commercially pushed “obsolescence”; I define this as a migration path pushed for non-technical motivations, sometimes even flying in the face of technical reason.The retail

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SLC vs MLC – don’t get stung by the lure of low cost

Given a choice of two like products, consumers will invariably opt for the option with the lowest price. Put two Flash memory chips together and they will look identical –

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Production Mangement: Why not to use a CEMS directly

“Why shouldn’t we go direct to a Contract Electronic Manufacturing Service company?”  Perhaps perversely, we’re always happy to hear this; as it’s a question we’re asked so regularly, we’re well practised in responding. Interfacing

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Utilising Write Filters under XPe/WES2009/WES7

Whilst originally producing Windows Embedded Operating System images for their customers to evaluate the capabilities of, it soon became apparent that the desire to heavily customise the Operating System was

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Flexible, even ‘free’ bespoke electronic design

Here I discuss how DSL’s design flexibility arrangements can permit zero upfront costs with amortisation for low/medium quantities, even potentially completely free of NRE charge when coupled with up front commitment

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Making sense of IP Ratings – what do you need?

The IP rating found in electronic data sheets or specifications is designed to give reliable standards for determining the suitability of enclosures for conditions such as moisture, rain and dust.

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Revolutionary “Functional Building Block” electronic design

As I touched upon in an earlier analysis, Flexible, even ‘free’ custom design, the increasing danger today is Project Managers preconceiving hardware routes. That danger is that the parameters those

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AMPIC – ARM multi-protocol interface converter

Having been the innovative market leader in the embedded and industrial industry for the last 2 decades, DSL has always had a precise idea of what the industry is missing

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Panel PC Customisation

The popularity of the Panel PC format continues unabated onto factory floors, revolutionising production management, increasing productivity through improved efficiency. Making manufacturing smarter by adopting touchscreen human-machine interfaces has been an obvious

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