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Operating System imaging and pre-installation

xpTo minimise production effort and repetition of software installation tasks, DSL offers a free facility whereby the client prepares a storage medium with the Operating System and configuration of their choice – this is then returned to DSL to produce a master copy, which can be pre-installed on every production unit received from DSL.

Gone are the days of having to undertake tens or even hundreds of hardware driver installs and deploying your own software individually to every unit as part of the production assembly. We can even set up embedded write filters or undertake other configurations you’re unsure of yourself to achieve the most optimum solution.

DSL can also provide you with a unique USB pen to restore any unit to its original state should anything happen to it.

Supported Platforms:

Desktop: XP Pro, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux, DOS
Embedded: WindowsCE, WEC7, XPe, WES2009, WES7/8, Linux

Stored on: SSD, HDD, CF, SATA DOM, SD, eMMC or any other format.

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