New: Solve Visitor/Staff management, fire safety and punctuality issues

Understanding visitor/staff movement with instant snapshots is critical to any business.

Visitors:                Sign themselves in/out with generated identification stickers and automatic notification to their host of arrival.
Staff:                     Clock in and out in seconds digitally – say goodbye to magnetic in/out boards.

Ditch that obsolete visitor’s book and magnetic in/out board – you’re a technology company!

Beyond the perception of your business, there’s more serious considerations.

Fire:                       Would your current set up really protect your visitors/staff in the unthinkable?
Solution:              Our EntrySign instantly e-mails a complete list of everyone on site to any or everyone at the push of a button

Punctuality:        Can you effectively target persistent lateness or identify those going above and beyond?
Solution:              Avoid anecdotal evidence or managers wasting their time attempting employee time monitoring

Available in both commercial (for office environments) and industrial variants (for factory floor, vandal-proof IP69K touchscreen and stainless steel) – they can even work together as an integrated whole site solution!

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