Qualifications / Experience

All our design engineers are fully trained to recognised IPC CID+ standards for circuit and PCB design.

Performance standards:

DSL has a wealth of experience in all areas of Embedded, Industrial and Electronic design, this includes specific capabilities in Design For eXcellence (DFX), Design for Manufacture (DFM), Design for Test (DFT) and Design for Assembly (DFA).

DSL’s strength, achieved via 28 years of multi-vertical market designs, translates to an eagerness and readiness to embrace new technologies, without necessitating a steep learning curve.

  • Processor Design

    x86 architecture

    – AMD G-Series (1.1-1.8GHz, dual/quad core)
    – Intel Atom (1.1-1.8GHz, dual/quad core)
    – Vortex86SX/DX/DX2/DX3 (300MHz-1GHz)
    – AMD LX800/GX533/GX1 (300-533MHz)

  • ARM archictecture

    – Freescale MX51 (ARM, 600MHz)
    – ARM® Cortex-M processors (see AMPIC)
    – ARM® Cortex-A processors (see Kitana)

  • FPGA integration

    – Spartan 6
    – Spartan 3
    – Xilinx
    – Altera MAX®

  • Microcontrollers

    – Microchip PIC®

  • Analogue & Digital Design

    Analogue circuitry

    – ADC
    – 4-20mA current loop
    – Motor control

  • Digital circuitry

    – DAC
    – Serial (USB, RS232, RS485)
    – Ethernet
    – GPIO
    – Pulse counter inputs
    – Switch Mode Power supplies
    – Mass storage
    – JTAG Test

  • Circuit Isolation

    – RS232/422/485 Isolation
    – Lightning Protection
    – Fully isolated power supplies

  • OS, Firmware and Software

    Embedded Operating Systems

    – Windows 10 IoT Enterprise/Core
    – Windows Embedded Standard 7/8
    – Windows Embedded Compact 7/2013
    – Windows Embedded Standard 2009
    – Windows XP Embedded
    – Windows CE 5.0/6.0
    – X-Linux
    – DOS

  • Embedded Firmware

    – Bespoke customer specified application firmware

  • Application Software

    – Bespoke customer specified application software

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