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BIOS-Software Development

BIOS creation

Thanks to our partnership with Insyde Software, DSL is able to create a specialised BIOS for all bespoke hardware designs, a significant cost saving versus our competitors who often must involve a third party at additional cost.

Working closely with clients, the BIOS is designed with the client’s requirement in mind, be that for fast booting, or encompassing the integration of additional peripheral circuitry required.

An integral part of our bespoke electronic hardware design service, the process is entirely seamless and undertaken with minimal client input required.

Providing a bespoke BIOS perfectly tuned to the application, not only is this attractive for our client themselves, the benefits it offers their final product improves market competitiveness thus contributes significantly to the positive success of their project, and business.

BIOS customisation

Across our entire product range, DSL is able to modify and customise existing BIOS configurations to rigidly fit our client’s needs. In days past, when the CMOS backup battery eventually demised, any production modifications made would be lost and the client left with an inoperable system until they could replace the CMOS battery – often in a remote and/or inaccessible location.

Additionally, any modifications required to the ‘out of the box’ BIOS added significant production time per unit, of course a cost that must be recovered. DSL’s BIOS customisation service provides exactly the configuration you need as default, not only saving that production cost, but when the inevitable time arrives that the CMOS battery needs replacing, the system remains fully operable – as the default settings are your own settings!