Electronic Product Design

DSL specialise in embedded/industrial product development, across hardware, software, certification and production - if you can imagine it, we can design and build it.

Sometimes off-the-shelf products simply cannot meet your needs. On these occasions DSL can offer a fast and reliable bespoke electronic product and circuit board design service focused on delivering application specific and cost optimised solutions.

DSL’s remit can range from simple control circuitry, to managing and delivering entire multi-layer, multi-board projects, from inception, design, prototyping and to delivering fully assembled and tested production quantities.

Working together with DSL allows you to focus on what you do well whilst we take care of what we do well – Design through collaboration.


  • Why outsource electronic design at all?

  • 1. Core competency focus

    – Allow your own engineers to focus on the company’s core competency, not experience a painful and expensive learning curve to understand an unfamiliar technology for what may be a one off requirement.

  • 2. Reduced Cost

    – Individual tasks/projects can be outsourced at a far lower cost, with far less risk than temporarily hiring a contractor, permanently hiring a new employee, or training existing employees.

  • 3. Increased resource

    – When resource is tight, outsourced and internal resource can work in parallel, improving throughput and permitting cross fertilisation of competencies and expertise.

  • 4. Increased industry knowledge

    – Utilising electronic design specialists from outside your own industry brings experience of new materials, best-practises and ground-breaking technologies.

  • 5. Increased motivation

    – As work is completed and invoiced at agreed milestones, there lies specific motivation to draw tasks to a successful conclusion in a timely manner.

  • 6. …but I want someone working on site?

    – Interestingly this usually doesn’t provide the best service, as the maximum that can be attained is a single engineers skills and expertise, undertaking activities at our offices enables our engineers to leverage from the wealth of experience of our entire company, working in parallel to derive the most successful outcome and utilising our heavy investment in the latest tools.

  • Why DSL as your outsourced electronic design team?

  • 1. From printed circuit board (PCB) design to full bespoke system design and assembly

    – Our Engineers are here to help you achieve success, whether you are looking for PCB design or to implement completely customised, fully-integrated systems.

  • 2. Fast time to market

    – Where there is a matter of urgency we aim to take a design from concept, through design to deliver working prototypes in only 6 weeks!

  • 3. Obsolescence management

    – Obsolescence is a major concern in any industry. At DSL we design using industrial components that are expected to be a part of the manufacturer’s on-going roadmap.

    Where items are discontinued, we will help you to plan ahead and implement a solution with minimum disruption to the project.

  • 4. Static design

    – Once a design is complete it is fixed. Typically, for off-the-shelf products, small design changes or unexpected BIOS modifications can result in your system no longer functioning as you would expect.

    – W then assign it a unique part number, referring to a bill-of-materials used only on that specific product. This also incorporates any associated software, giving you peace of mind that what you purchased at the beginning will still be delivered years ahead.

  • 5. BIOS customisation

    – Some OEMs are happy to modify a BIOS and leave the settings in battery backed RAM until it goes flat, or accept that the start-up status of its processing core is somewhat indeterminate until post BIOS processes have run.

    – Some even don’t mind that the exact version of the BIOS can change between deliveries of CPU board; or that the OEM’s clients may be unclear of the significant investment that the OEM has made in its product.

    But at DSL, we provide a comprehensive BIOS customisation service to ensure all these issues are addressed and guarantee what the OEM delivers to its clients is a perfect fit for the application – each and every time.

  • 6. Documented design changes

    – Where modifications to designs are requested, our Engineering Change Request (ECR) process provides a formal mechanism to detail the impact on cost and timescales – before it occurs.

    This provides a formal mechanism for the client to review the implications and approve or reject the proposed change.

  • 7. Lifetime technical support

    – Our objective from day 1 is to be an extension of your own engineering teams. So, even if a query is unrelated we will help to provide a technical response to a support issue.

  • 8. UK design, support and manufacture

    – For high volumes, Far Eastern manufacturing can be competitive and we provide this option. However where high build quality, delivery flexibility and local support is important, DSL is the perfect partner from design right through to manufacture.

  • 9. IPC qualified design engineers

    – Anyone can claim to be able to provide PCB design services and of course many do. Ultimately, the results of poor design may only be clear at the manufacturing stage when product yields are measured; with an inexperienced designer not well versed in the demands of high speed design problems may only become apparent once the product is in the field.

    The correct implementation of IPC design standards, proven component footprints and well established layout techniques drive down the risks of new product introduction.

  • 10. Constant investment in the latest tools and software

    – At DSL we invest heavily in the skilled staff and advance tools necessary to provide the very best in electronic design services; and to ensure we meet both the application demands of high speed electronics and critical time to market demands needs of our clients.

  • 11. Recognised hardware and software partnerships

    – Complex products frequently demand complex solutions and having a direct path to the original manufacturer at component level ensures there are no surprises, which could scupper a design approach part way through.

    By developing close relationships with key vendors such as AMD, Microsoft Windows Embedded, Insyde and XJTag, we can help to ensure the success of OEM products.


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