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New: ICOP release Dual Core VDX3 SBCs

vdx3The LX800™ processor is, despite AMD’s best intentions, reaching its end of life, suffocated by untenable DDR1 costs. Early Intel® Atom™ processors are also suffering the same fate.
Cited migration paths for both simply aren’t supporting the legacy functionality these applications demand.
The reality is, nothing can shield against BIOS/software incompatibility issues except for solutions where legacy support is engineered directly into the CPU. The solution, the VDX3.
Available in every conceivable SBC form factor and as a Panel PC or Industrial PC, it offers both a drop-in replacement for those forced to migrate by obsolescence and improves (by magnitude) the performance available to existing VDX/VDX2 applications.
Let DSL and ICOP help continue your “Legacy”…