David Cooper

Series: Meet the team- David Cooper, Commercial Manager

This is part of a series of posts where we’ll introduce members of the DSL team, from across the organisation, to put a human face to one of the UK’s leading cradle-to-grave industrial computing and electronics solutions provider.

“With the advent of IoT, embedded applications are much more widely understood.”

David Cooper, Commercial Manager

With a First-Class Honours degree in Business and Computer Science and a wealth of hands-on experience, DSL’s Commercial Manager, David Cooper, is fully equipped and able to assess and solve computing issues that face businesses today.

Having studied traditional and commercial computing for over 10 years, David’s ability to handle the increasing demands of scientific, technological and commercial development in the 21st century is highly valued.

He joined DSL in August 2015 and is responsible for managing and progressing the sales department on a technical and product basis. His understanding of product specification and technical knowledge has led to the development of collaborative customer relationships and respected partnerships.

David says: “Specifying PCs is something I enjoy in my spare time.So, getting to do this for clients in the industrial/embedded sector as part of my role is great. As an additional benefit, I get to see them in action once installed, confirming that the advised systems were the correct choice for the client.

“The range of applications of embedded computing is huge, far greater than the traditional IT world, and I particularly like coming across our products when I’m out and about.”

David says he’s seen many positive changes in the industry over the years, particularly due to the increased understanding of The Internet of Things (IoT): “The industry was once highly specialist and few outside of it would understand what we do. Now, with the advent of IoT, typical embedded applications are now much more widely understood”.

In his spare time, David enjoys computing gaming and lots of outdoor activities, particularly Carp fishing.