System Level Customisation

DSL offer the benefit of custom product design without the associated cost with our Panel PC, Industrial PC and Industrial Display customisation and manufacturing service.

Working closely with our long-time Taiwanese partner, Aplex Technology and their proven ODM service.

Providing fast time-to-market and low cost product realisation for over a decade.

Off-the-shelf systems can be visually and functionally customised to suit your every whim, with a range of bezel materials including stainless steel, aluminium and plastic.

Of course, today’s OEM invariably craves selecting their own pantone colour from a rainbow of professionally applied colour schemes and of course, inclusion of their own company logo. The DSL difference is we offer this all without any MOQ.

Our range not only includes internal expansion ports with a host of existing modules to provide additional I/O, networking and wireless communications off-the-shelf, those same expansion ports are used by DSL to satisfy a multitude of customer and industry specific I/O requirements…
…but it doesn’t stop there. Such is the flexibility of our customisation service, we can build complete turn-key systems effectively from scratch, achieving application specific products for innumerable industry niches – all pre-certified so immediately ready for sale. At a fraction of the cost of developing it yourself.

Examples of functionality we’ve integrated…
Fingerprint readers, webcams, PIR sensors, 3G/4G modems, IRIS scanners, amplifiers, isolated I/O, CANbus and PoE.

Many clients drop the initial idea of integrating our Panel PC and push their entire product’s manufacture onto us, so we’ve integrated their product, not them ours.

Read our whitepaper to discover the possibilities that lay ahead with DSL’s customisation service…

…then talk to your DSL Technical Account Manager to realise your dream product.