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CustomiseIf you’re extremely lucky, an off-the-shelf product will meet your functional and aesthetic needs perfectly – though that’s rarely the case. To offer the benefits of bespoke design, without prohibitive design costs, DSL offer an exhaustive range of flexible customisation options.

Board Level Customisation
Our range of Single Board Computers (SBCs) and peripheral modules can all be functionally customised, whether that’s cost reduction through removing superfluous functionality or satisfying often highly complex I/O requirements through adding new functionality.

PCB shape and size can both be modified to suit your application’s requirements intrinsically.

System Level Customisation
Our range of Panel PCs, Industrial PCs and Industrial Displays can be both functionally customised and visually – marrying the products aesthetics to your own company’s branding scheme or to use a construction material your industry niche demands.

…so talk to your DSL Technical Account Manager to realise your dream.