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There are a number of ways to establish contact with DSL, be that for no questions asked technical advice, or to enquire about one of our products or services.

By phone
If you prefer the increasingly lost art of verbal conversation, give our engineers a call now on +44 (0)1462 675530.

By e-mail
Alternatively, if you favour the traceability of written communication, start the conversation by e-mailing our Technical Sales team at

In person
In an age of increasingly electronic communication, DSL remains a strong believer that face-to-face communication is important. For this reason we are as mobile as we can be, frequently visiting existing and prospective clients, enabling us to gain an improved knowledge of that client’s business, thus mould our company around them. Also, our doors are always open for clients wishing to gain a better understanding of DSL for themselves, we’re proud to show off our well earned purpose built premises.

The process
Once your enquiry is received, you will immediately be assigned a dedicated Technical Account Manager who will become your primary contact point, resolving any technical queries efficiency and satisfying the commercial aspects of your enquiry. Offering a single contact point, with the wealth of DSL’s experience and expertise behind them, provides our client base with the very highest level of efficiency – ever important in today’s busy world – time is money after all!

We will look forward to hearing from you…

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