Quality Management

DSL have been an ISO 9001 accredited company since May 1995, an independent constant endorsement of a company's Quality Management System.

DSL’s quality statement

“It is the policy of DSL, a Company unreservedly committed to quality, to establish and maintain systems of management that promote excellence, avoid errors and satisfy their customers. The Company’s primary objective is to ensure that all of the Company’s products comply with customer requirements and enhance customer satisfaction.

To ensure consistent conformance to the specified requirements the DSL is committed to operating a quality management system (q.m.s.) that satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001. The Q.M.S. will provide a framework that allows DSL to continually improve the effectiveness of its management systems and will be regularly reviewed to check its continual suitability and to affirm the relevance of the quality objectives.

 Since the management of quality involves every member of staff compliance with the policies and procedures described in the Company’s Quality Manual will be a mandatory requirement for everyone.”

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